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Tablet Trouble,

I currently have no idea what on earth is wrong with my Graphire 3/4 (CTE-440). For some reason the response is laggy or just nonexistent unless I'm practically STABBING the thing. And I did install the Vista 64 update.

I've never had this issue on the old XP desktop, but it just hates 7. And it's running on a Celeron, it never lagged on the AMD 64.

So, what to do. Just give up the ghost and get an Indos 4 or is there hope for my old friend.
LOL I've been getting a Zelinker fangirl harassing me for the past few days. She's the usual "I AM HOLYER THEN THOU" type. *Well no actual bible quotes yet, but she seems that way* She also might be the same twit from FF.net who just flamed my fanfic from 2005.

She's pretty much saying I'm an idiot for not liking her favorite pairing. XD WHERE HAVE WE HEARD THIS BEFORE GUYS! I gave valid reasons and my personal opinion, that should be enough. XD But no, having a different idea is so WRONG AND STUPID! She just keeps TALKING and doesn't get that 1. I don't care and 2. Its my journal, I can say what I want. *seriously, she acts like she's a big shot. Just calling out spelling and pretty much nothing else. Oh I am so terrified! SPELLING!*

We already pretty much called her out as a fangirl *She even hinted at Ilia hate, LULZ YES YOU ARE A DAMN FANGIRL!* I already blocked her, so she shouldn't bug me anymore. *If she does then Woot BANHAMMER!*

It is sad though that she's been there for three years and has no art, writing, journal, or comments aside from harassing me posted. No watchers aside from one *which everyone usually has.* and is pretty much a nobody. Now if she actually was you know ACTIVE and had stuff posted and friends; then MAYBE I'd believe her more. XD But no. So another swept under the rug.

Just realizing all that makes me want to lol really hard.

I fixed my tablet! YAY! Granted it still feels odd on this but it works now so winness. I shall get to coloring! Because you know, I'm actually productive; unlike this twat.
And I LOVE IT~ Though I still aint used to the keyboard.
I haven't done this in ages...

I can't even count how many I have now...
Oh well, here goes!

No Image here is owned in any way by me, and some images are from Japanese/Chinese sites.


I can't even begin to understand why I want to come back. Maz must have been the final reason for my choice. Because while I was ignored most of the time, I did still have some fun posting icons and such. Shrug never was active aside from PokeWifi. But honestly that was because I was the most comfortable there. I don't join things because I just don't like people. I get nervous and unsure. But that's not the important thing here.


P.S. Pokemon Rumble..... OMFG I DO WANT NAO!

............. This is........


I'm home! :D

I just got off of my plane.

It's good to be back in this pitstain.

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My dad is very impulsive sometimes...

The last few minutes have been some of  the weirdest I've had with my dad. Why?
He's contemplating on getting a PS3.
(Yes, I am a shallow piece of shit. He's honestly considers me a computer expert. Though I learned most of it from him. And I'm definitely far from it. Anyway, we tend to connect over shit like this.)
Well, okay. Originally he thought it was a xbox 360 elite, but I had to tell him that an elite doesn't have blu-ray. (To my personal dismay, because I'd rather have a 360, but this is for him.)
First though, he asked me to help him find some upgrade parts for his hp pavilion a210n, took forever but I got all his parts.
(though their on my wish-list on THIS computer... He should have gone ahead and ordered them.) 
Anyway, he's probably not going to remember even wanting to get a PS3. That's just how impulsive he is sometimes.
But, the main reason he even thought of it is because the aunt I'm going to go visit in 2 days has one. He got to watch some blu-ray on it and he liked it, the games are just a little bonus for him. Well, more like me because I'll probably be the one picking out games for him.

I only really say anything because its just so... Random and weird.

My dad... Sometimes he's a angry bear. Sometimes he's very friendly. And in this case...
He's very...Uh... Yeah, impulsive.
(No, I don't mean to insult him in this journal. I'm just pointing out a strange little quirk of his.)

Anyway. I should end with something a little more... ME. :D

Just try and yiff me motha-fucka.

Anyway, that's all! I leave this Wednesday for Texas.
Today has actually been pretty awesome. 
Gmod fuckery has made me a happy camper for the most part. What with already having quite a bit of buttsex in my gmod folder.
Turned out that my shinny Noctowl had a Hasty nature, so I'm raising it at the moment.
Tried to make a background for this water color piece I'm working on, but it didn't quite work out.
And, did some more photoshop drawing for once. I can't seem to fucking control photoshop when it comes to lineart and my tablet.
I guess the smoothness throws me off, I'm to used to paper and the grain somewhat holding me back.

But enough of my talking, its better to show. So here we go.

And again, my mom gets huffy at me because I'm not hungry. WTF I'm not fucking hungry; don't bitch about it because I just don't want to eat right this fucking second...

Anway, as of July 22 - 28th I'll be in Texas seeing my aunt. I say it now here because I'll probably not update LJ in a while after this. ...Gotta update my DA too.



<3 derrrrrr

I is happy nao....

I should share some happy!



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