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The Demon of the Sky


Lasera/ One Who Likes Feathers
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Hello there. Glad you decided to come and have a visit to my page. Thank you! Anyway. Let me get to the point here *laughs*.

I'm just your usual Gamer, give me a controller and a bottle of 7-Up Plus and I'll be happy for hours.
Games I love above all else would be anything Zelda (Except Wind Waker or the like.) and Rayman (Except Rabbids).
I also love rock music. Mostly 3 Doors Down and such, and J-Pop like Asian Kung-Fu generation.

I own a mallard duck and a Labrador retriever. I know of the irony of owning such pets and having them live happily together, but they are good friends now. The duck's name is Daffy, and the dogs name is Jasper.

I draw, write, and read yaoi often. Mostly in the Zelda Fandom, so I loves my gay Link action.
Link is the submissive in my eyes. So naive and trusting. But what I mainly dabble in is Mpreg. Much to
the dismay of some of you. You don't like it, tough, I draw and write what-ever the hell I please.

More then ready for battles, Diamond or PBR, just give me a holler.
Sticks to the BL tier mostly, with a few OU and lots of UU.

The Code listed here is for Pokemon Battle Revolution, if you want my Diamond code, drop me a message.

XD Silly me, I never even gave my name, you can call me Lasera.

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