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I've been needing to go to this Spanish bank over in Daytona for a while now, I need to pay my mom back for GOLITHE (What I named my laptop lD.) That and I want to put some into a paypal so I can pay for Sai, and I want to get Soul Silver. (Staticman is getting Heart Gold so I figured I'd get the other to complete the set.) The money is in a savings my Grandpa made for collage. Hey, I needed a laptop eventually and I draw with Sai... (Even though I did just download CS3.)

I'm debating with myself; should I go to Fullsail or not. Its accelerated , and that might not be the best thing; I need my breaks. They offer online classes in graphic design, the main thing I was looking for! And all students are required to get a Mac book with a Wacom 6X8 tablet (Again Staticman just got his and omfg I want one now, mine likes to not respond on this computer.) along with a host of other programs. But this isn't covered in tuition, and I don't have fafsa because no one wanted to help me fill the damn thing out. That and I've never used a Mac in my life, and I figured they'd want us to use PC if we're working with video games; well I'd be working more in the art aspect of it so I guess a Mac is right then. If I did go, I'd have two laptops, a Mac and a PC. I dunno, I don't think my portfolio is strong enough. They mentioned sending recent work and they hinted they wanted more realistic work. I have things like that but they're from high school. I am working on something with an interesting perspective but its HarpyLink so... sigh. I'm still talking it over with admissions but I still haven't gotten word back from the woman. I'll email her today. (Though I'd rather talk, it feels more personal that way.)

For some reason one of my parakeets has a extremely long beak, and none of the other birds have this! We're going to take her to this little pet store to have her beak trimmed; yes you actually can trim a bird's beak, but its best if you let a avian vet or someone with experience do this. I want to take Daffy too, her toes need a clipping and they loved her.  I'm worried about the parakeets though, I read up on beak growth and they said there is a virus that causes growth in the beak and deformed feathers, is usually ends in death and is highly contagious. Buster is like 9 years old, I know he's an old bird but it would break my heart to see him go. He's the only one you can handle and he stands on your finger. So far the others are fine, but Pipsqueak is hurting herself, her beak is cutting her skin and she has a huge patch of dried blood on her wing.

I'd take her to the vet if I could but we don't have much money and they wouldn't do anything anyway; she's just a bird....


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